The Past

We are where and what we come from.

The Past is always Present.

The Present

We are what we do.

Now reflects into and has implications in the Past and Future.

The Future

Where we will be and have been.

The future is the end and the beginning.

Sept 16, 2014 FreeWrite on Land and Identity/Personality

Another attempt to get back to writing every day as a healing practice. One of my mentors recently noted that many of the issues/situations that we have been attempting to address/interrupt through our work in Detroit appear to intersect at our new house and the experiences we’re having while settling…


The emergence of the Detroit Third Mind Enclave is rooted in the lived-experience and influence of the numerous organizations and projects we have created or participated within. Detroit Area Deprogramming Alliance (1988-1993) Temple Ov Psychic Youth, Detroit Access Point IO (1992-1993) The Sufi Order of The West (1994-1995) IOT (1996-2000)…

Video: Detroit Development and Surveillance

All photos and video shot Easter Sunday, 2014. Updated & Re-edited May 16, 2014 and added voice over: RUIN PORN is an art movement that focuses on the decline of cities, buildings and infrastructure, specifically capturing urban decay and VACANCY. DETROIT and other post-industrial cities around the world are popular…

Harry Crosby – Prophet of the Sun

I’m reposting this in honor of Harry’s Birthday this year. ~G Harry Crosby, Prophet of the Sun A collection of poems by Harry Crosby. Limited to 100 copies. Complied and designed by Gregg A. Newsom II. Edited by Sara Sowers. In 1991, when traveling through Austin, an associate of mine…

Manifesto of the BLACK THORN LEAGUE, Hakim Bey

I’m posting this Hakim Bey piece here, St. Patrick’s Day 2016, due to the page being shifted to all white txt which is unreadable. I typically post this every St. Patrick’s Day to remind me that “DNA counts for something, but soul for a great deal more. “Every man…

Lunar Based Pranayama: Encouraging Exploration of Breath and Moon Cycles by Gregg Newsom

Lunar Based Pranayama: Encouraging Exploration of Breath and Moon Cycles Gregg Newsom (2008, Detroit) Those who aspire to the state of yoga should seek the Self in inner solitude through meditation. With body and mind controlled they should constantly practice one-pointedness, free from expectations and attachment to material possessions. ~Bhagavad…