— These are intentional and responsive proposals prepared for vetting from our partners and community — The DM3 axioms, or postulates, are premises or starting points for reasoning.

DM3 Axioms – Intent/Impact

Personal: As people who have lived in both Detroit and it’s suburbs we have recognized often dramatic and sometimes traumatic differences between cultures/mindsets/perspectives.

One of the proposed DM3 intentions is to serve as SAFE INTERFACE SPACE for diverse identities to gather. DM3 AXIOM: There is a deep need for understanding, or as many ‘third mind’ theories propose, an ‘overstanding’ between people, collectively and as individuals.

Personal: Making and sticking with our choice to raise a family in Detroit and doing so in a respectful manner has required effort and, with great respect for tolerance as a unique trait, has challenged us. It has also been extremely worthwhile. I’d insert something about the path less travailed here, but fear it would encourage elitism. Yes, we’re all unique snowflakes, but we’re in the same storm. Without much regard for taxonomy or type, we’re all directed by the same currents and physics as those within a gradient proximity from ourselves.

One of the proposed DM3 intentions is to address dualities, dichotomies and divisions that perpetuate inequity. Collective/Individualistic, ‘I am We’/’I am I’. DM3 AXIOM: one way to heal and reconnect to our individual power is through collective process.

Personal: While striving to respectfully merge with rather than trample on, or be trampled by, our new neighbors we have learned much more about ourselves, our own stories and experienced personal healing at deep levels. It has required a great deal of out of the box, or off the map learning and unlearning. We have and will make mistakes and misstep.

One of the proposed DM3 intentions is to co-facilitate, with our partners, opportunities to respectfully share healing and power-building techniques and resources. DM3 AXIOM: all people are impacted by racism and our collective potential is impaired by inequitable public policy.

Personal: To facilitate our own shift, we strategically worked with many organizations, groups and individuals to address our own concerns about the history and current reality of race and class based inequities that have deeply influenced the entire region. Part of the DM3 proposed mission is to work with our existing partners to offer consultation and to co-facilitate gatherings that address these and other challenging issues that are at play as Detroit quickly changes.

proposed DM3 AXIOM for the DM3 TIME AND CALENDAR SYSTEM is being prepared by Andrew Newton.

proposed DM3 AXIOM on Health and Healing is being prepared by Anjela Newsom

DM3, while striving towards real world sustainability and autonomy, respectfully recognize and strive to seek counsel and leadership from our immediate community, elders, and youth. We also seek to consider the impact/influence of our work in light of our ancestry and progeny across seven generations.

We are quickly beginning work on the space that DM3 will take root and emerge from. Organized ‘Work Days’ are posted here. We’ve reached out to a few of our neighbors about hosting DM3 learning circles and skill shares while the space is being prepped for emergence.