May 19, 2014 – The Tribes of Europe

‘One of the objectives of this technologic reality has to do with erasing the memories of the human beings, because we have a common collective experience. We are all the descendants of tribes’. – John Trudell

Thanks to T.S. for sharing this short video of John Trudell on one of the local e-lists. It caused me to reflect more on my path and research.

In childhood, my father’s side of the family liked to reference their indigenous blood, but not as a source of connection to the universe, nature, or god forbid any other humans, but rather as a mark of prowess, of conquest, of assumed savagery and strength.

In my early years of seeking, my initial inquiries into ‘finding myself’ leaned towards native and indigenous expressions, but I was told in both the spiritual and physical realms that the way was closed to me.

Thankfully the same energies that blocked, quickly ushered me to these notions of pre-christian tribal europe, that Trudell lights here, and I turned back east for the rest of my journey.

What I often don’t share is that it was my queries into tribal europe that gave rise to my anti-racism, not any identification with other cultures, but a search for and reconnection to my own.