A Reintroduction

Detroit, May 2014 – Welcome to detroit3rdmind.com and the continuation of the work that gave rise to Detroit Evolution Laboratory in 2007. This year, in addition to becoming stewards of another child we are further implementing the processes and practices we’ve been learning since leaving ‘The Lab’ – Detroit Evolution Laboratory – behind in 2009.

In the five year’s since moving from Eastern Market, like Detroit, we have changed dramatically. While our expressions have always included food, healing and soulful practice, reflection on our relationship to the reality of Detroit has shifted our attention to strategies that strive to address race, root cause and restoration of people.

These strategies have consistently referenced or reconnected to concepts frequent in ‘counter’ and ‘outsider’ cultures, a powerful expression being the idea of ‘The Third Mind’. Experiments in collective thought and deed, remote linking, and prophecy, while popularized by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin have been used to construct and deconstruct systems across time.

Terry Wilson, a Burroughs/Gysin scholar, writes that the initial Third Mind work was approached as ‘a sustained attack upon reactive conformity and political exploitation, and an exploration of psychic potential beyond the confines of all humanistic, materialist philosophies.’

Our lived experience has confirmed that we can no longer evolve in our vacuums of individualism. Since 2007, we have taken risks in favor of respecting the people and land known as Detroit. This spring we begin work on a new space on the east side and continue our exploration of sustainable ways of living and sharing through the Detroit3rdMind.

Our blessings to you and yours, in Health, Joy and Liberation

Anjela and Gregg